Worth Every Minute… Arthur Andersen Alumni Oral History Project

By Laura Mills, Andersen Alumnus

A few weeks back I received a yellow post card asking me to update my contact information for the Andersen Alumni directory and to participate in the first oral history of the firm. I thought this sounds like an interesting undertaking and decided to set aside a few minutes to ring up the 1-800 number ( 1-800-414-3007). I did it…and it was a fun experience reflecting on memories of old friends, mentors and shared experiences that were a big part of my early professional career.

I can’t encourage you enough to participate in the Andersen Oral History project. It will take approximately 15-20 minutes to complete the guided interview. Once updating your contact information, it is on to the interactive interview asking you to respond to questions like “what made Arthur Andersen unique?”, “what do you value most from your time at Andersen?”, “who are some of the people that made your time at Arthur Andersen so memorable and what was their impact on you?”. Overall, what are some of the stories, experiences that stand out for you. Without question, mine perhaps like many of you was the people and “are” the people today. I have friends around the globe that I speak with or connect with over social media on a weekly basis. The relationships developed at Arthur Andersen and the common experiences that bind us together have been invaluable to my professional and personal life.

Take a minute to dial that 1-800 number ( 1-800-414-3007) and join your former colleagues in a first of its kind…oral history.