The Building Blocks of One Firm

By Leonardo Mesquita, Regional Managing Partner for Latin America and Managing Partner at Andersen Tax in Brazil, Paolo Mondia, Co-Managing Partner for the European Region and Managing Partner for Andersen Tax in Lugano, Andrea De Vecchi, Co-Managing Partner for the European Region and Managing Partner for Andersen Tax & Legal in Italy, and Daniel G. DePaoli, Regional Managing Partner for the U.S., Canada and Israel and Country Managing Director of Andersen Tax LLC (Arthur Andersen, LLP (1990-2002, Harford, CT 1990-1995 and NYC, NY 1995-2002)

In the July edition of Andersen Alumni Newsletter, Andersen Global Chairman and Andersen Tax LLC CEO Mark Vorsatz described how we are building one firm for the future. He commented that “our global partners have come together in an unbelievable way” and that we continue to build out our platform around the world. Three months later, as our expansion and integration plans continue to progress, we can only echo the same sentiments but through our own lenses and experiences.

As you may have seen, in the last few months we have announced a Senior Advisory Council, Advisory Council, and Global Board. In addition, the four of us have assumed roles as regional leaders for Europe, Latin America, and the U.S, Canada & Israel. As regional leaders, we have already begun the important process of developing the usual strategies, plans, and metrics for our businesses. But, more importantly, we are seeing our culture develop in a very organic and complementary way.

Latin America - Leonardo Mesquita, Regional Managing Partner for Latin America

I am pleased to be the Latin American regional leader for Andersen Global, but more than anything, however, it brings along an enormous responsibility. A responsibility that is as embedded in our minds as it is in our motto: a name from the past, a firm for the future! Add that motto to the return of the "double door,” which is also recognized worldwide as a symbol of excellence.

As we come together to create one firm, I look forward to working with Paolo, Andrea, Dan, and our other leaders to determine what is needed to pursue and achieve the company's goals. I believe it is important to share information and that everyone is given a voice, which demonstrates our core value of transparency.

We, Latinos, are very passionate about what we do and about the things in which we get involved. This passion, one may assume, may let emotions prevail in our decision-making, but it is part of our success. I am excited to play a role in building an organization in which we all will have the greatest pride.

Europe - Paolo Mondia and Andrea De Vecchi, Co-Managing Partners for the European Region

The success of the Andersen name is directly connected to our ability to provide best-in-class services. Professionalism, technical knowledge, experience, culture, creativity, and teamwork are fundamental values for each of us. We are proud to have been appointed Co-Regional Managers for Europe and, after three years in the organization, we see the dream come through and take substance.

Our worldwide team of highly qualified professionals share enthusiasm and common knowledge while serving our clients seamlessly both locally and globally. We look forward to working with Leonardo and Dan to grow our firm in the frame of our core values: best-in-class and seamless client service, independence, transparency and teamwork.

United States, Canada and Israel - Daniel G. DePaoli, Regional Managing Partner for the U.S., Canada and Israel

One of the amazing things to observe as we started this global expansion is not just the interaction between the partners in the U.S. and the firms joining outside the U.S., but the interaction and chemistry they are building between themselves. This comes with familiarity and trust, and as the Andersen name is rolled out internationally, the ability to view people globally the same way you would anywhere else is due to our common values: stewardship, transparency, best-in-class, seamless, and independence. All the new firms that have joined our growing organization share this culture – and, most importantly, they do so in actions rather than simply words. We like to say that Andersen is a verb, and we strive to be an organization that doesn’t just talk about culture but embraces, promotes and protects it. It has been incredible to see the way the chemistry between the firms has developed, and the Andersen name is clearly a key driver for our progress. However, for us it starts and ends with culture.

The creation of the Regional Leader positions is a significant stepping stone in the growth of our international firm. As we work together to create one firm, there are two things related to this concept: one is teamwork and the other is a consistent approach to client service and relationships. We need to approach the client together not as “my” client but as “our” client. Bringing the power of the small team to clients and also having the power of the big firm behind us is very powerful. Clients recognize and appreciate this unique service model. This seamless service offering is especially true when discussing our “double doors,” because no matter where in the world our clients go, they receive the same service. Similarly, when stepping into another Andersen Global office, I always feel at home, which demonstrates the “one firm” that we are creating. As a Regional Leader, it is my goal to support the global organization and help us try to stay “small” while maintaining our culture as we continue to expand.


Each of us is certain that with the help of the other leaders and collaborators of our respective regions around the world, we will create one firm for the future. In addition to all the plans and specific strategies to support the regions as they expand, it is the people and the culture that make us who we are. These councils, appointments and integration efforts are the building blocks for something amazing.